Rosenstein-Gymnasium Heubach
Friday, August 12, 2022

School Profile

Clara Neuffer, form J2; October 2017


Our school, the Rosenstein-Gymnasium, is located in Heubach, a town in the south-west of Germany with a population of approximately 10,000.
Some of the students come from Heubach itself, but a majority lives in small towns and villages within a five-mile distance.


Rosenstein-Gymnasium Heubach is a public school enrolling about 700 students of the ages 10-18 in the grades 5-12 who are taught by around 65 teachers. The students enter the school after a four year elementary education.
The school was recognised by several organisations, like the MINTEC association for mathematical and scientific excellence and the ''stark.stärker.WIR.'' - seal for the successful work on the prevention of drug abuse, for example.


The academics in our school are organized as a daily alternating schedule in which each day can contain up to ten periods with a duration of 45 minutes each. Students spend an average of 30 periods a week at school.
From 5th through 10th grades they are organized in fixed classes of about 25 students who are taught together in every class. Each grade therefore consists of 3-4 classes. The subjects are set for each grades and most are taught every year. Students can therefore not pick their own classes and there is no difference in how demanding the curriculums of different students are.
However, they have the choice between Latin and French, which they will be learning starting 6th grade, and between Spanish and an additional science and technology class which is taught in the grades 8-10.
The subjects are divided into major and minor courses. Major courses are taught four periods a week and include: Mathematics, German, English, Latin or French, Spanish or Science and Technology. Minor courses take place two periods a week and include: History, Political and Social Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Music, Arts and Religious Education.
In the upper secondary level starting 11th grade, students are obliged to take Mathematics, German, one foreign language and a science or another language as main courses which leaves them free to choose their fifth main course freely after personal preferences.
Therefore, the other subjects are taught as minor courses with the exception of one science, one foreign language and either Arts or Music which each student can drop. As the class selections of the students can now defer they are not in fix classes anymore.
Some classes can also be taken in addition to the required curriculum. Those are taught two periods a week and include: Theatre and Literature, Informatics, Psychology and an additional Maths class.
Students will leave school after 12 years with their ''Abitur'' diploma. This requires a score of at least 5 points in every class and no more than an average of two failed classes per semester. The final grade consists to 60 % of the grades earned in the 4 classes over grade 11 and 12 and to 40 % out of the grades reached in the final exams. Those have to be taken in German, Mathematics, a foreign language and one of the other subjects the student chose as his or her main courses. A fifth exam is oral and can be taken in every subject. Students also have the choice to take a seminar course and write a 25-page seminar paper on either a scientific or a social scientific topic. The results are shown on the transcript of the second semester of 11th grade.